Holiday Merchandising Tips & Tricks to Win Over Shoppers




Tapping into the holiday magic with a festive retail display is one of the most visually impactful ways to wow shoppers and leave a lasting impression. So if you’re ready to be inspired, here are our top 6 merchandising examples to deliver delightful (never frightful) holiday results.

Make it Giftable

Add tissue paper to your holiday sacks for an easy way to encourage customers to gift the entire bag (no wrapping paper required!).

Get Strategic with Promos

Display promotional items alongside other products to entice customers to meet the minimum spending requirement and receive their free item.

Promote Giving Back

Display free “Track Your Batch” table tents and tags on your products. Customers love to know they are giving back with every order! 

Boast Your Bundles

Showcase bundles of various product pairings with holiday sacks. Doing so will inspire customers and make it easier to shop for loved ones.

Deck Your Shelves

Props like tinsel, string lights, garlands, wreaths, wrapped gifts and more can make your displays look a lot more festive, and get customers excited for the gifting season.

Serve Up Hand Soaps

Place holiday hand soaps (with promo signs) in bathrooms for customers to test and try. This will help drive more excitement and sales.